What are the Factors that affect my Moving Costs?

Anytime you’re looking for a given service, you want to know how much it will cost you in terms of pricing. To be frank, most people don’t know the cost of hiring a professional moving service. It can be really frustrating since it becomes a challenge to set up a moving budget. As a matter of fact, you wonder if the amount of money you’ve saved will cover all the moving expenses. The worst thing you can do is asking for an estimate after everything has been done.

It’s important for every individual to have an accurate idea about the fees or rather moving charges so that it can be easier to come up with a realistic budget. No matter your destination, coming up with an estimate for your moving costs is not a simple task as many think. You can’t make a good financial plan if you’re not aware of the factors that affect your moving estimate.

The Time of your Move

If you’re planning to move in summer, get ready to spend more. Summer is usually the busiest time of the year as far as moving is concerned. Moving service rates tend to be higher at this time of the year. Those who want to save on their moving costs consider moving off-season (sometime between September and Mid-May). Finding a reputable moving company during the peak season can be quite a challenge. However, moving off-season will allow you to work with reputable and experienced movers at your convenient time.

Moving during the first and last days of a month might cost you more as well. The same applies to national holidays. Note that these are the days when many people are moving due to job-related issues or other considerations. If you want lower rates, consider moving during the second half period of a month.


Well, this one looks obvious. Every moving company will first consider the distance before giving you an estimate. Most moving service companies charge per hour while others will provide a flat rate based on the total distance.

Weight and Quantity of your Possessions

Your moving cost will depend on the weight of everything from your electronic items and appliances to your furniture. The heavier the items, the more you’ll be required to pay. It also depends with what you want the moving company to handle. If they are taking care of everything from packing your items, loading them, transporting and unloading, you may be charged a higher cost. You’ll pay a lesser cost if you take care of some of the work.

The type of items or rather materials being moved might also affect your moving cost. Items that require extra care and caution will need special attention hence a higher cost.

Moving Insurance

Every person wants to have a peace of mind whenever they are moving. While basic liability can be free when working with a professional moving service, it may not provide full coverage and give you the peace of mind you want. Going for full coverage will mean higher moving costs.


There many factors that professional moving companies can use to determine your moving cost. It’s, therefore, important to do your research and hire a reputable and experienced professional moving service that will ensure transparency and honesty in their service.